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Did you know...that the Easton Learning Foundation, better known to Eastonites as "ELF", has raised OVER A MILLION DOLLARS in the last 16 years???!!!  Almost as impressive, the original "Elf" was 6'7" Andrew Barer...who found it quite difficult to find green tights in his size :)

ELF was founded in 2004 by Ann Leibell and Karen O'Brien as a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching Easton's commitment to quality education.  Karen is still hard at work on the board 16 years later!

Whether outfitting classrooms with SmartBoards,  funding "Project Lead the Way", donating 3D printers and DNA extraction labs, or sponsoring a yoga program for kindergarten...ELF has used the money raised to enrich classroom instruction, and support innovation for teachers and students alike. 


To learn more about this fantastic Easton gem, visit their site at:

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