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175th Anniversary Events

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February 5, 2021

Jukebox Bingo

Gather together for a fun night of Jukebox Bingo via Zoom run by Keith Alan from Keith Alan Productions.  We've taken traditional bingo and thrown it out the window.  The 75 numbers have been replaced with 75 song titles.  After 25 seconds of a song being played, you figure out the name.  If you do not know the song being played, we also display the scrambled title on our screen.  Mark it off on your card if it's on there.  Once you get 5 in a row, yell "BINGO!"  Played at home with the family or as a little break time for Mom and Dad!  Free to play.


Brought to you by Easton Parks & Rec, Easton Community Center & Easton Public Library.


Past Events

July 11, 2020

Drive-In Movie

Featuring 'ET'

ET PR.jpg

September 12, 2020

Easton Town Party &

Easton EMS Fireworks Show

Easton Town Party Logo.png

November 2020

Easton Town Party &

Easton EMS Fireworks Show

2020 Easton Photo - Call For Entries.jpg

August 14, 2020


Family Trivia Night

Trivia Night.jpg

September 1-30, 2020

Virtual 5k/10k


5k poster.jpg

October 24, 2020

Historic Tour of

Gilbertown Cemetery

October 30, 2020


Trivia Night

Halloween Costume Party.jpg

December 2020

Light Up Easton

Holiday Contest

Light Up Easton Image.jpg

January 29, 2021

Easton Community

Trivia Night

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