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Congratulations to Our Winners!

A10 - w.jpg

Proud to present Easton's 175th Anniversary Official Logo, 

Kids winning logo and Young Adult winning logo! 

Awesome job everyone.

A10 - w.jpg

Brooke Alexander Caprio

Overall Logo

YA Logo 1 - wa.jpg

Makeda Is Ra El Ali Bey

Young Adult Logo

k1 - W.jpg

Hayden Goldstein

Kids Logo

Our first event!

ET PR.jpg

Check out all entries here:  


175th Anniversary

This is the official site of the 175th Anniversary of Easton. 

Welcome to the beginning of a 12 month celebration of Easton and its unique history.  Check in often and join our email list below so you don't miss a thing!  Loads of events, oral histories, tours, contests and more!

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