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Easton's 175th Anniversary Logo Contest Submissions

This town comes together like no other!  Thanks to all of the Eastonites who submitted a logo for consideration.  Every single one reflects the love that we all have for our town. 

Click on the image to see a larger version.

------    Winners will be announced on Saturday, July 11    ------

(but don't be surprised if you see many of these popping up here and there throughout the year!)

K2 - W.jpg

Chloe Gustavson

A Logo 5

Rachel Calemmo

A1 - w.jpg

Tama Ordway

YA Logo 1 - w.jpg

Makeda Derisme

A Logo 17.jpg

Dara Ghavami

A Logo 12a - w.jpg

David Antonez

A4 - w.jpg

Jennifer Toscano

A Logo 13 - w.jpg

Katherine Williams

YA Logo 2a w.jpg

Daphne Dieterich

A Logo 9a - w.jpg

Jennifer Rubin

A7 - w.jpg

Thomas Scull

k1 - W.jpg

Hayden Goldstein

A Logo 6 - w.jpg

Christina Roby

a14 - w.jpg

Vincent Caprio

A8 - w.jpg

Duvian Montoya

A Logo 2 - w.jpg

Carissa Tozzi

A10 - w.jpg

Brooke Alexander Caprio

A3 - w.jpg

Ryan Reid

A Logo 16.jpg

Adam Boczar

A Logo 4 - W.jpg

Theresa Williams

A15 - w.jpg

Kirsten Navin

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