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Easton's 175th Logo Contest

The Easton175 Committee is looking for a logo for Easton’s 175th Anniversary to be used in all media, including online, print, merchandise and other visual collateral in relation to the 175th Anniversary campaign and celebrations.


The contest is in keeping with Easton's history of looking to its citizens for logo design, as was done for the 150th Anniversary logo and the Easton Town Seal. The logo should be a simple design that incorporates an idea, look or feel of quintessential Easton. The contest will run from June 1, 2020 – June 30, 2020 with a winners announced on July 4, 2020 by the judging panel made up of members of the Easton Arts Council.  Winners will receive an official certificate from the Town of Easton, local gift card, merchandise with their design and more!

Contest Rules

1. Only current Easton residents of all ages are eligible to participate.

2. Only one entry per person.

3. By submitting a logo, the entrant agrees that the submission becomes the property of, and assigns all ownership and usage rights, including all intellectual property rights to the logo, to the Easton175 Committee.

4. Entrants agree the Easton175 Committee may publish their name, likeness and logo in promotion of the Easton175 Logo Contest and the 175th Anniversary of Easton in press, print, online, and all other future communications.

5. Submitted work must be the original work of the entrant. No copyrighted or trademarked images may be incorporated in your submission with the exception of the Town Seal of Easton, which the Board of Selectmen has granted the use of for the Easton175 Logo Contest.

6. The Easton175 Committee may alter, modify or revise the logo as needed for various uses.

7. If no suitable entries are received, the Easton 175 Committee reserves the right to not select a winning entry.

Design Details &


1. Logo should include some element that ties back to the Town of Easton (building, element from Easton Town Seal, representation of an industry, history, local nature, etc…)

2. Logo must include the number “175” (without quote marks)


3. No more than 4 colors in logo BUT logo must work well in black and white.


4. Logo must be recognizable at varying sizes (starting at 1” small)


5. Logo should not have small detail.


6. A panel of judges from the Easton Arts Council will choose the winner(s). Winning categories will be for: Official Logo (all ages), Child (0-5th Grade), and Young Adult (6th-8th Grade).


1. Submissions MUST be received by June 30, 2020.


2. Digital submissions can be made online at:, or via email with submission form and logo image attached to: (Online and email submissions may be originally on paper but must be submitted in a high resolution (at least 300 dpi, no more than 15mb) .PDF, .GIF, or JPG file format.


3. Hard copy submissions may be mailed to the Easton Public Library, c/o Easton175 Logo Contest, PO Box 2, Easton, CT 06612 or placed in the Library Book Drop (please ensure artwork is properly protected, as books will also be returned in same place).


4. Submission forms can be found in the following:

  • a) Online form at for digital submission via website

  • b) Downloaded at or emailed/mailed by request by emailing:

  • c) Hardcopy mailed by request by contacting Caroline Feroleto at 203.257.4701

Logo Contest Entry Form to Download:


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