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Thank you for being a part of Easton's 175th Anniversary celebrations!  Enjoy the website for the next several months!

Please now visit the new permanent site
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The 06612!

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2020 Photography Contest

Submissions & Winners

See Easton through the eyes of our fellow citizens.  Photos of contest entries for the 2020 EAC Photography contest will be featured here.  See EAC website for a gallery of all images from the contest, click here.

Current featured photograph:

2nd Place - Jeff Becker.tif

Artist:  Jeff Becker

Title:  Condensate Cricket

Award:  2nd Place

Currently Featuring...

Dr. Machledt

Dr. Machledt - Part1Interviewed by: L. LaMastro
00:00 / 29:11
it has arrived!!!
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Citizens for Easton

In recognition of our farmers and their diverse products, and in lieu of the 2020 Farm Tour, Citizens for Easton has produced a cookbook to celebrate Easton's 175th Anniversary!  The cookbook features recipes from neighbors and friends, often using locally available ingredients.

Copies currently available at:

  • Aspetuck Valley Orchard

  • Easton Senior Center

  • Gold Rush Farm

  • Greiser's Coffee & Market

  • Pondview Farm

  • Slady's Christmas Tree Farm

  • Sport Hill Farm


To keep up with events and
for chances to win Easton 175 Anniversary products & gear!
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